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Gtf bish

Some people I work with really need to get over themself. I dont care about your needs boo on trivial shit I care about the salon and what clients think of the work space so please swerve.

"Everything you create, you use to destroy."

The Fifth Element (1997)

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Dreams 8/9/14

There was a man in my dreams, I know not what he ment to me; but I left him regardless. I ran far but no matter where I was I would see his world slowly shatter. The guilt of it all slowly consumed my soul and I had forgot why I had left him, I slowly began to return to him. Upon arriving where I left him there he stood like he knew i would be back one day. However instead of a warm embrace i found coldness in his voice for he had given up on everything; the world, himself even me; and what I was seeing in front of me what nothing more then a lost soul of the man I left behind. So then I too started to wither away I would never be the same and ill never know why. Punishment.

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Blue flowers. on We Heart It.

Blue flowers. on We Heart It.

Meeeow :-) on We Heart It.

Meeeow :-) on We Heart It.

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